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Andreas Müller, Martin Allemann

Andover (USA) , Germany, Switzerland, Japan


Sascha Hübner

ARAS Innovator

Straty / Vision for PLM

Businesses have been able to improve the performance of their product-related processes in the past helped by PLM systems. But there was a price - multi-million dollar system implementations and upgrades due technology constraints and licensing approaches of traditional PLM systems.

Aras PLM is different. To help you achieve the benefits at lower cost and risk we’ve developed a PLM solution based on a unique architecture which we offer via an open/subscription model.

Our Markets

Aras is used by companies of different sizes in all industries. Companies with complex products and processes benefit most from the unique benefits of the Aras platform.

Our Customers

Airbus, GE, GETRAG, Hitachi, Honda, Motorola, Textron, Xerox, and many other companies in all areas use Aras. You can find additional information about our Subscribers here.

Our Offering

Aras Innovator
Aras was designed from the outset to be flexible, allowing organizations to easily customize and extend PLM and PDM or build their own.

All solutions built on the Aras Platform are fully integrated, eliminating barriers to collaboration and simplifying development and maintenance.

Enterprise Open Source
Aras is the only freely available PLM/PDM solution on the market. This unique approach allows organizations to download, use and modify the openly distributed solution capabilities of Aras at no cost.

Perhaps you’re ready to evaluate Aras and want to take a closer look. Maybe you’re at an academic institution. Or maybe you just want a real PLM solution that you can freely use and modify because you’re a “do it yourself” kind of person.

Subscription Model

All Aras Subscriber get several benefits, including:

  • Upgrades performed by Aras at no additional cost, no matter how much your solution has been customized
  • Unlimited training
  • Live hotline and online support
  • Service packs which can include enhancements, security updates and hot fixes
  • Productivity Tools and subscriber-only functionality