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ECS Engineering Consulting & Solutions GmbH
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Wolfgang Dietzler

Bergstr. 10
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Wolfgang Dietzler

Strategy / Vision for PLM

Founded in 1996, the ECS Engineering Consulting & Solutions GmbH, Neumarkt, has become one of the leading IT- and consulting specialists in the field of PLM/PDM. With our consulting services we assist you in implementing national and international PLM projects. With our software products we optimize the IT environment and reduce the TCO.

Our Markets

National and international PLM projects in the manufacturing industry (automotive), High-tech and electronics, Information and Communication technology, Aerospace technology, Machinery and plant engineering.

Our Customers

Bombardier, B/S/H/, Daimler, EADS, Faurecia, Knorr-Bremse, MTU, Rauch, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, ZF Friedrichshafen, Volkswagen.

Our Partners

Oracle, Siemens, PTC, IBM, SAP

Our Offering


Connect speeds up your business and data exchange processes in the architecture of your software applications. With the available adapters, following systems can be connected: Dassault Enovia, Oracle Agile, PTC Windchill PDMLink, SAP PLM/ERP and Siemens Teamcenter. Connect ensures a uniform information flow across the whole enterprise.


Complete offers you a software framework for the fast and easy construction of individual applications.
The new features serve as a replacement of existing shadow applications (eg Excel, Access) in various enterprise divisions.


Compose simplifies the working in the architecture of your software applications. The client solution Compose provides a cross-application and role-based, easy to configure user interface as rich, web or mobile client.

eCenter Suite - the bundle

eCenter Suite is a comprehensive solution that works like a tuning set in association with your software applications. The modular design of the eCenter Suite is composed of the complementary components Connect, Complete and Compose. These are based on the most modern industry standard technologies and contain an extensive set of powerful function modules.

PLM Integrator

Based on the NetWeaver SOA components, the PLM Integrator enables the integration of your IT-systems and simplifies the exchange of data through preconfigured exchange scenarios. (ERP/PLM-scenarios)


MAM (Meeting & Action Management) allows the efficient, uniform and enterprise-wide control and management of your meetings and actions. MAM can be fully integrated into your system landscape and is connected to all the data, processes and workflows. With MAM you professionalize your meetings and associated actions.