The benefits of (3D) images in PLM


3D modeling is now standard for the product development. The relationship between 3D model and 2D representation has been reversed. First there is the model, then be derived from this for specific tasks 2D representations. With viewer and neutral data formats, the models can in principle also be presented on each workplace and even mobile. The benefit is doubted by no one.

And yet, the 3D representation is not self-evident to everyone. What tool do I need to visualize 3D data of a particular system? What are the tools CAD vendors offer themselves, which do I have to purchase additionally from a third party, which are free of charge via download? What can I do with a 3D-model? How do I get to immersion in virtual reality, how can I mix reality with computer images? Or: What could I do with 3D data, but I know nothing about these possibilities?

The series, "The benefits of the (3D) images in PLM" shall help increase transparency. Who provides which visualization capabilities with what kind of tools? For this, the software provider are invited for interviews, and as a result of interviews and presentations company- and product-specific articles are created and agreed with the suppliers.

Invited to participate in this series are all suppliers who highly prioritize the benefits of 3D images for their clients in the field of PLM.

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