Positions on Industrie 4.0 / Internet of Things (IoT)


Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are ubiquitous. No magazine, no scientific medium that does not have a title page used for it. But even after more than two years of discussion it is far from clear what is exactly meant and what is in each case understood by these terms.

The members of sendler\circle have therefore adopted the Hechenberg Theses, in their Merting in May 2014 in Hechenberg. The goal was: to make clear what is to be considered from the perspective of IT and service providers around product lifecycle management (PLM), when it comes to Industrie 4.0.

Now there will be a series of posts that - partly written by themselves - illustrate the position of individual providers on this issue. Also this will not provide a full explanation and not end the debate. But it will help the puzzle gradually assemble. For what the suplliers of small and medium machine builders say is one aspect; the vendors of PLM platforms for large-scale industry provide another; a third one comes from providers of consulting and methodology of system development Softwre. Just to name a few. It all adds up to an image that is richer and more understandable as the term Industrie 4.0. But definitely this term initialized a very good debate on the future of the industry.

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