BMW and AWS: Joint Cloud Solutions and Qualification of 5,000 Software Developers


On Tuesday, December 8, 2020, Amazon Web Services and the BMW Group announced an extensive strategic cooperation. The goal is "to further increase the speed of innovation of the BMW Group by placing data and data analysis at the center of corporate decisions and developments. The companies will combine their strengths in their respective areas to jointly develop cloud-based IT and software solutions that increase efficiency, innovation and sustainability in all business processes - from vehicle development to customer service".

BMW and AWS Strategic Parters(Picture BMW) The BMW Group is migrating data from business units and operations in over 100 countries to AWS. The move includes central IT systems and databases, for example from sales, production, and maintenance, and is intended to help increase the agility of software development and gain new insights into data analysis. According to the press release, "the companies will invest in the empowerment and training of up to 5,000 software developers in the latest AWS technologies to enable the BMW Group's workforce worldwide to make better use of data.”

Increasingly, vendors of cloud and AI tools and services are partnering with large industrial groups to develop new services that need both: industry expertise and data science. Matt Garman, Vice President Sales & Marketing at AWS, is quoted as saying: "By combining the BMW Group's expert knowledge with AWS' leading Cloud Services, we are creating added value for the entire automotive industry".

Global Qualification Program

The BMW Group has launched a major qualification program for cloud technologies. With the support of 'AWS Training and Certification', up to 5,000 software developers and IT experts are trained worldwide, of which around 2,000 are AWS-certified with a focus on machine learning and data analysis. This enables the company's global teams to prepare existing data in a structured way, use it intelligently and generate added value for the company and its customers.

AWS Professional Services and the BMW Group data experts will work with BMW Group employees to identify challenges and develop new cloud-based solutions for the automotive industry. For example, the companies plan to develop a natural language processing solution that is optimized for the terminology used in the automotive industry and can automatically extract, process, and translate data from various text sources.

A key element of the collaboration is the further development of the BMW Group's so-called Cloud Data Hub, which offers employees from all divisions a central starting point for implementing analytical and data-driven applications. This should make it possible to better forecast worldwide demand for vehicle models and equipment options and to optimize planning in purchasing, production, and sales.

The BMW Group will contribute its expertise to the recently announced Automotive Alliance, which will be based on GAIA-X standards. As a founding member (BMW Group) and "Day 1 Member" (AWS) of GAIA-X, the companies aim to further develop the Cloud Data Hub towards the GAIA-X standards for sovereign, secure and innovative data rooms.

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