CeBIT is dead - long live CeBIT?


Already on the Wednesday, Oliver Freese, on the board of Deutsche Messe, responsible for the CeBIT, announced that CeBIT is no longer taking place in its current form. Instead, a "platform for digital innovation" and a "technology festival" were announced for June 2018 - under the name of CeBIT and at the exhibition grounds in Hanover.

It has been 30 years since CeBIT was founded from the Hanover Fair. In 1986, digitalization had reached so many sectors of economy and industry that the CeBIT was soon bigger than the original industrial fair. For many years one could have the impression that it replaced the HMI, as the Hanover Trade Fair Industry was then called.

CeBIT logoThe abbreviation CeBIT stands for "Center for office automation, information technology and telecommunications", or shorter for "Center of office and information technique". The computer first took over the offices. For decades, digitalization meant: the use of IT systems to support tasks in all processes of the economy. When digitalization is spoken today, usually we are talking about the Internet of Things. Connected, smart products of all kinds serve people increasingly as a basis for smart services in the form of apps. CeBIT has not been able to switch from the trade fair for office technology and professional IT to an international major event for hardware and software in the Internet of Things (IoT). Now a new approach:

"We're bringing the CeBIT into June, because in the summer we can stage technology even more emotionally and create a cool campus atmosphere," says Oliver Freese in a press release. Deutsche Messe wanted to "transform CeBIT into Europe's leading event platform and the festival for digital technology, digital innovation and business development of the digital economy". The CeBIT is on its way to be "fit for Generation Y".

The steady decline was observed over a number of years. And the more Industrie 4.0 came to the fore, the more important the industry became as a customer of the internet companies and the provider of artificial intelligence, the more exhibitors moved from the CeBIT to the Hanover Fair, where the Digital Factory is bursting at the seams. And that, although there was talked about Internet and IoT as few as possible. This should be reserved for CeBIT.

So now a festival, the center of which will be the open air at the expo-wood roof on the exhibition grounds. There the central d!campus is to be built, as a place of encounter, for showcases and open air stage production, exchange and party. The three future elements of CeBIT will take place in the halls around the d!campus. d!conomy unites target groups and offers on all aspects of the digitization of companies and contracting authorities. Disruptive technologies, research and start-ups show their visions at the New-Tech-Festival under the brand d!tec. The content program in conferences, workshops and keynotes is organized under the name d!talk.

With Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel, Vodafone, Software AG, BITKOM, SAP, Datev, Materna and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, renowned representatives of the branch are welcoming this step in the press release. Whether it is crowned with success remains still the question. In the press release neither the word Internet nor the abbreviation IoT comes up. And which young generation pioneers, who are celebrating their festivals and parties from Berlin to Barcelona to Los Angeles, will now be coming to Hanover? In June 2018, we know more.

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