German-Chinese Disinfection Robot From Siemens and Aucma


At the end of March, Siemens reported a German-Chinese success in the fight against Covid 19. In just one week from the idea to the prototype, Siemens and Aucma have developed an intelligent disinfection robot that will soon be used in the fight against the Corona virus and other viruses. The electric robot cleans an area of up to 36,000 square meters within an hour and overcomes obstacles and height differences with its robust chassis.

test run(Test run, picture Siemens)

In Qingdao, Siemens and Aucma, a major Chinese manufacturer of refrigerators and other household goods, operate a joint laboratory for the development of special robots, unmanned vehicles, industrial robots and intelligent equipment for factories. In February, a team from both companies set out to build a driverless robot in this laboratory that would quickly and thoroughly disinfect infectious rooms. It took them a week from the initial idea on February 7 to the prototype on February 15.

The team decided on an all-electric disinfection robot that best meets the requirements of hospitals. Among the greatest challenges for the developers were to achieve the highest possible sterilization effect with the least possible use of disinfectants and 360-degree coverage even in confined spaces.

The lithium battery-powered robot with two spray guns can disinfect an area of 20,000 to 36,000 square meters per hour. A 360-degree camera platform on the top transfers image data and information in real time. In conjunction with an image recognition algorithm, the user can control the robot in the affected areas by remote control. In this way, the spread of infectious diseases can be prevented at low cost. The team opted for a crawler chassis for use on different surfaces and to overcome obstacles and unevenness.

Immediately after its market launch, the new robot will be used in hospitals, schools, offices, manufacturing plants and other public facilities, so that work can be resumed quickly.

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