Hannover Fair 2019: Digitalization Becomes The Kernel


At the Press-Roundtable in Munich on February 6 in the run-up to this year's Hannover Fair (April 1-5), it became clear how fast the digital transformation of the industry is progressing. To the great advantage of the fair, which is therefore again recording enormous growth. At the center of the roundtable this time was Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its industrial partners Beckhoff and Bosch Software Innovations.

Arno Reich, division manager Hannover FairObviously, the times are over when the press has been told something new about the most effective production and engineering methods. Just as at the fair, the focus is not so much on the machines and equipment, but on the intelligence with which they are equipped and developed, the services that are used within the processes and the ones that go on the market via the connected products. The growing success and prospects of the upcoming trade fair was presented by the new division manager of the Hannover Fair, Arno Reich (photo Sendler).

Constantin Gonzalez, AWSThe cloud - and here AWS is currently the undisputed top dog worldwide - is not only recognized by industry as the great possibility of unlimited computing and storage resources. It should also, so the AWS speaker Constantin Gonzalez (photo Sendler), give digitalization back into the hands of the industry. "We do not want to make companies dependent on external consultants and developers. We - and our increasingly numerous partners - are coming to go. The industry should quickly have the means to develop their own business models and their own offerings." For example, with more than 165 AWS microservices that can bring AI to any device.

Dr. Stefan Ferber, CEO Bosch SIBeckhoff is one of the customers, but is also a partner with his offers on the AWS cloud. Likewise, Bosch Software Innovations, where new ideas in the Internet of Things are tried and developed for the large group in the background, before they become marketable products and services. (photo Sendler: CEO Bosch SI Dr. Stefan Ferber)

The fair already counts 6,500 exhibitors for 2019, 600 of them alone in the area of the trade fair Digital Factory. Halls 5 to 8 are now the space where visitors can find out more about everything that has to do with digitalization in the industry. Including the growing number of forums and discussion events. New is the Industrial Pioneers Summit on April 2nd, for which should register quickly who wants to experience a really good selection of old and new pioneers live.

And everyone will be in Hannover. The providers of industrial software that has been installed for decades now, the cloud and AI groups from Amazon via Google, Huawei, IBM and Microsoft, and more and more medium-sized German industry exhibitors who offer industrial services to their customers in the cloud. The fair will be a reflection of the opportunities that are opening up for Germany as a location: opening a new page in the book of the Internet business.

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