3D Portal from Aucotec for XML Data Exchange


August 19, 2020 - As one of the first microservices of its own software platform Engineering Base (EB), Aucotec presents a portal that allows the exchange of 2D data from electrical engineering with 3D data from mechanical engineering via XML. EB provides its data in XML and Aucotec offers every 3D system a plug-in for importing 2D and exporting 3D.

3D-Portal from Aucotec(Image: Schematic representation of the XML data exchange possible via the 3D portal, © Aucotec)

In industry, data of devices, housings and machines is still usually generated with different software systems than data of cable harnesses, connectors, or circuits. Bringing this data together will still be costly for many companies in 2020. The manufacturer of the e-technology platform Engineering Base is now offering its users a micro service in the cloud.

Data from EB can be made available in a standardized form as an XML file. 3D data from mechanical engineering can be imported into the 2D environment of e-technology. The only requirement is the availability in XML. Aucotec now offers adaptable plug-ins for any system.

This new interface reduces the effort required for data exchange and improves the use of data across specialist boundaries within or between companies. According to the manufacturer, the new 3D portal is one of the first of a number of microservices with which Engineering Base wants to make the advantages of the cloud available.

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