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Insight Into Cloud Project Platform And Agile Development At Eplan


Gradually it becomes visible how working with Eplan software in the cloud looks like. At a press event in Cologne and Monheim on June 6th and 7th, the activities already mentioned at the last trade fairs were concretized and embedded into a more comprehensive cloud strategy. One thing is clear: what can currently be seen is only the beginning.

Eplan project in the cloudIf you want, you can register for EPLAN ePULSE free of charge at www.epulse.cloud and set up an account. The first two free apps on this platform for e-technology projects are currently Cogineer Free and eVIEW. With Cogineer, circuit diagrams from libraries can now also be compiled in the browser. With eVIEW, project participants and partners with clear access rights can view project data and comment on it with Redlining, for example. And, of course, the data of the Eplan Data Portal can be accessed when working in the cloud. (photo Sendler)

CEO Sebastian SeitzThe manufacturer-independent eCl@ss Advanced is the basis for a new and comprehensive Eplan Data Standard, the first version of which is to be released this summer. The supplier wants to use it to define a quality standard for component manufacturers and electrical engineers that is intended to ensure that no wire or parameter for a sensor is missing in a project. CEO Sebastian Seitz (photo Sendler) compared the digital twin of the control cabinet with the 3D model in mechanics. Just as a part can be milled from the 3D model, the circuit is to be created automatically from the digital twin of the control cabinet.

The enormous role that standardization generally plays in engineering was demonstrated in a study entitled Engineering 4.0, which was carried out together with the European 4.0 Transformation Center at RWTH Aachen University. The more standardization and automation in engineering take effect, the more dramatic are still the potential savings even in this country.

On the second day, the event moved to Eplan's training location on the Rhine promenade, where the new Cloud business unit presented its view and invited to Hands-on. This unit is sited in Langenfeld in a third office of Eplan. The original head office at the old brickworks has reached its limits with the growth of the manufacturer. But for the new business in the cloud, it makes sense anyway to organize yourself like a small, independent startup team. The use of cloud technology requires a completely new way of thinking and not only involves a different business model, but also agile methods of development. Otherwise the customer's expectations cannot be fulfilled.

Sebastian Seitz told the technical press that the attitude in all areas of industry had completely changed within a few years. While the cloud and apps were frowned upon and viewed with great scepticism only a short time ago, many customers and users have already registered for ePULSE in order to try out the new offer. Seitz: "As fast and as many as never before seen in previous initiatives".

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