KEM Konstruktion systems engineering now monthly


Such decisions also indicate how rapidly Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things are making multidisciplinary system development more and more important: Instead of twice a year, Konradin Verlag's dedicated magazine is published monthly.

The Magazine"If digitalization brings ever more connected products and services in the future, co-operation across the lifecycle of products will also come to the fore." This is the rationale in a newsletter for the first issue 1/2 2019. And editor-in-chief Michael Corban writes in the editorial: "Systems Engineering will then become a prerequisite for involving and connecting specialists in all these areas - because their know-how is still required across the lifecycle, but the boundaries between departments need to become more fluid."

PLM and Model-based Systems Engineering are growing together quickly. One thing will do little in the future without the other, and those who do not place both at the center of their industrial development will no longer be able to serve the market successfully with successful products.

One of the topics that is currently affecting people's minds in all industries is the "Focus on Digital Twin" in the first issue of the year. Part of this is the definition that was recently published by the sendler\circle.

Incidentally, KEM Konstruktion systems engineering is linked with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INOSE), the German subsidiary Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering (GfSE) and the PLMportal. When it comes to connected systems, the networking of organizations and media that are dedicated to this topic is not far away.

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