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According to a press release dated March 31, 2020, Conweaver provides its own software platform Linksphere as well as services free of charge if this contributes directly or indirectly to saving lives.

Conweaver Knowledge Graph AidNow that customers from the automotive industry are already making efforts to produce ventilators and other medical equipment, and GM has even been instructed by the US government to do so, Conweaver wants to make a contribution with its own expertise: to connect very large volumes of data from different data worlds automatically and thus very quickly (a few weeks).

Conweaver now offers the Linksphere platform and its own solution expertise. The platform is suitable for:

  1. supporting medical device manufacturers, especially with the challenges in engineering and production  
  2. support for development, production and supply cooperation between medical equipment manufacturers and their partners (e.g. automotive OEM)
  3. improving the information chain on COVID-19

(Picture Conweaver)

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