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New Siemens Opcenter software for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)


Siemens Digital Industries Software (the new name for Siemens PLM Software) launches Siemens Opcenter Software. Opcenter expands Siemens' MOM offering by combining products in a networked, cloud-enabled portfolio.

press photo SiemensSiemens Opcenter (press photo Siemens) integrates MOM functions such as production planning and scheduling, execution, quality management, manufacturing intelligence and performance as well as research, development and laboratory management. The new portfolio combines products such as Camstar, SIMATIC IT, Preactor, the R&D Suite and QMS Professional into a single portfolio. According to the manufacturer, the user interface is completely web-based, modern, consistent, adaptive and convenient to adapt the application to the situation and to enable the implementation of new functions and other components with reduced training effort.

Siemens Opcenter makes it easy to deploy, configure, extend and integrate other systems along the entire value chain. These include solutions from the areas of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Shop Floor Automation. The aim is to make the entire production process more transparent so that decision-makers can identify potential improvements in product design and related manufacturing processes and react accordingly. The entire portfolio can also be controlled on a mobile basis and on various intelligent end devices, increasing operational flexibility. It can also be used locally, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Siemens Opcenter uses digital twins to improve design, production and performance.

In addition to the introduction of Siemens Opcenter, Siemens is introducing a new version of its Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) portfolio: Siemens Opcenter Execution, formerly SIMATIC IT and Camstar. New features in these releases include intelligent devices, mobility and integration to optimize data flow and availability.

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