Online premiere: PROCAD introduces PRO.FILE next


PROCAD will present the new product in an interactive online conference on November 11, 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM (CET). The working title was PRO.FILE next, and indeed the version PRO.FILE 10 will not only be a further development of the well-known software.

Announcement of Codenext(Picture PROCAD. Click to register for the conference)

The PLM system has been completely redesigned, according to an announcement by the management in an interview with PLMportal. In addition to the option of local implementation, the software will in future also be fully usable in the cloud as Software as a Service. In this case, with the support of local intelligence through a desktop client that communicates with the app server and the database in the cloud.

A highlight will be the presentation and explanation of the so-called ISI.CON method: Behind this is very simple no code "programming" of additional functions or customer-specific special applications, which makes the customer independent of consulting specialists without much effort. Because PRO.FILE should also be in the new version above all standard software, which requires only a configuration, no customizing.

Under the keyword Code:n@xt the event will probably be something like an online version of customer conferences. With an introductory roundtable discussion and a product demo, followed by various breakout sessions on special topics. Technical issues will be dealt with in depth, as will the technical innovations in the context of the digitalization of the industry.

Conference language is German. Registration can be done on the PROCAD homepage.

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