Siemens at SPS: Increased Digital Enterprise and Environmental Efficiency


As always, the SPS 2019 was all about automation. But at the Siemens press conference, CEO Klaus Helmrich made a new announcement: "Environmental efficiency is just as important as productivity, flexibility and time-to-market”. Siemens also wants to meet this challenge with its Digital Enterprise Portfolio.

In addition to productivity, flexibility and time-to-market, the first slide by Klaus Helmrich featured "environmental efficiency”. This is new and indeed reflects the developments of recent years, in which it became increasingly clear that the industry is now not only expected to deliver products but also solutions that are not directly related to the quality, function and costs of the products. So, one of the largest automation suppliers now wants to provide the industry with the right means for this as well.

MindSphere at SPS 2019One of the catalysts here is the cloud industry platform MindSphere (photo Sendler) - currently with more than 120 members of MindSphere World in 12 countries - which is to enable the creation of a data pool for linking the virtual and real worlds by coupling the digital twins of product, production and product use.

In addition to the cloud, data analysis on the shop floor – as close to real time as possible – is also becoming increasingly important, for which Siemens Industrial Edge is to supply suitable solutions. In this context, the provider has acquired Pixeom in the USA, whose platform technology enables the flexible provision and use of apps. This makes it possible to analyze data at the machine and send relevant data for global analyses to the superimposed industrial edge management system. Industrial companies should this way be able to use production data more efficiently and react more flexibly to changing conditions.

Klaus HelmrichHelmrich (photo Sendler) emphasized another acquisition in the fourth quarter of 2019: with Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), Siemens is acquiring a British provider of model-based solutions for the plant life cycle, a digital twin for product and process design as well as plant operation in the chemical, petrochemical and food industries.

With Qualcomm, Siemens is currently testing a 5G network in an industrial environment at the Automotive Test Center in Nuremberg.

Industry will have to invest if it is to realize its digital transformation while drastically reducing resource and energy consumption. Because this is often too much for small and medium-sized companies, Siemens offers financing solutions that are geared to the success of the respective implementation, where the increased efficiency is used for the payment, so to speak.

Digital Twin, automation in hardware and software, platform economy with cloud and edge, calculable financing - Siemens is gearing up to be the locomotive for its customers, as Helmrich said last year.

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