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Siemens PLM Software: KI in NX and Low Code Programming


Among other things, Siemens PLM Software announced two important novelties at the press breakfast during the Hannover Fair 2019: KI finds its way into the application software from Siemens, and the recently acquired Mendix Low Code programming tool proves to be a treasure trove for considerably more than just MindSphere.

Urban August, CEO Siemens Industry SoftwareUrban August (photo Sendler), SVP and Managing Director Siemens PLM Software, Deutschland, compared Siemens PLM Software with a combine harvester that has been on the road for more than ten years to integrate every available piece of good and fitting software into the portfolio. Several billions have already been invested in this. Because it is often the small companies that can quickly realize innovative ideas, many new products will continue to be available through acquisitions.

Mendix presentationThis is what happened with the acquisition of Mendix at the end of last year. The vendor had developed a platform with which so-called no-code / low-code programming – i.e. without any programming language or almost without programming - allows new applications to be developed faster and, above all, easier. Jacob Schillinger, responsible for Business Consulting, demonstrated this impressively with a small live presentation, which he had created with the new platform in his own words without any programming knowledge in a morning shortly before the fair. Drag and drop and playful.

On the one hand, the platform is an important means of helping the partners of the Siemens industrial cloud platform MindSphere to create apps for the industry in a fraction of the time required so far. On the other hand, it has also proven to be extremely helpful for the major programs such as Teamcenter or NX to quickly come to customizations that do not require constant adjustments to updates.

The second news came from the team of NX software developers and was presented by Peter Scheller, Marketing Director NX. Here, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are being used to learn how users work in the menus while using the CAD program, and to consistently provide the commands they might need to take for the next step. This makes working a lot easier, as KI pre-selects commands on the fly, so to speak, without forcing the user to take these steps. So, AI can teach not only machines but also complex application software to learn.

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