TECOSIM And Dassault Systèmes: Simulation Of Air Flows As Software as a Service


TECOSIM, engineering service provider in Wiesbaden and customer of Dassault Systèmes, offers, like the IT manufacturer, a solution that significantly reduces the risk of infection in closed rooms. The basis is the software SIMULIA. The solution is customer-specific and ready to use as Software as a Service within a few days.

Because the new corona virus can also - and possibly particularly strongly - spread via aerosols, i.e. tiny particles suspended in the air for a long time, the distribution of the air plays a central role in the protection against infection in rooms. More precisely: the air flow is a decisive criterion for the risk of infection for people in a room.

Dassault Systèmes had already shown during the construction of the Leishenshan hospital in Wuhan, China, after the outbreak of the pandemic that rooms and air flows in and between them can be simulated very well with SIMULIA. According to the simulation, the equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems could be designed in such a way that the risk was minimized at every place used by people. Now TECOSIM and Dassault Systèmes have turned this into a ready-to-use solution.

simulation of aerosol spreading at TECOSIMTo get the employees back into the office more quickly, TECOSIM used a computer simulation with SIMULIA solutions to show the distribution of aerosols in their own business premises. (picture TECOSIM) The derived measures enabled TECOSIM to return to a safe normal operation much faster. Now TECOSIM offers a corresponding service to other companies.

The technical experts at TECOSIM had carried out an accurate simulation of their own office space to identify possible virus hotspots. Using flow simulation, surprising findings were obtained: Windows or doors should only be opened under certain conditions. Opening them does not in general ensure a better exchange of air. The position of the air inlet and outlet also plays a decisive role and can influence the concentration of aerosol clouds. Based on the simulation results, specific measures such as new seating arrangements or strategically placed partitions were possible. The measures validated by the simulation could be implemented quickly and almost cost neutral.

particle distribution with and without measurements after simulationThe efforts paid off quickly. Not only was it possible to create a significantly safer working environment, but the time taken to return to the office was also significantly reduced, with a much lower risk of infection for employees. Only two weeks after the decision to carry out a simulation of the office space, the first employees were able to return to their workplaces. In addition, the measures taken were very well received by the workforce, which go far beyond the minimum legal requirements and make measures such as the installation of Plexiglas panels, which are unpopular with employees and expensive for the company, superfluous. (picture: particles with and without measurements after simulation, source TECOSIM)

TECOSIM now – besides Dassault Systèmes – offers this successful model to other companies. Customers can not only have their own working environments evaluated by the simulation experts, but can also have spatial adjustments made and checked virtually. The simulation, including construction of the 3D model, takes only a few days.

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