The AWS factory at the Hannover Fair


A telling paradox: The large stand of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Digital Factory of the Hannover Fair 2019 looked like an old factory building. The merging of digital connection and modern manufacturing industries is making visible progress.

The AWS stand at Hannover Fair 2019The world's largest and most successful cloud provider played old factory. The AWS stand was reminiscent of a brick-built factory building with large openings (photo Sendler), through which not trucks or forklifts rolled, but visitors poured. What they then got to see at the individual work places, were only incidentally a few tools of AWS. In the main, partners of all types, industries and sizes showed what they have to offer with the help and based on the AWS cloud platform.

Data capturing with InfineonA small guided tour by AWS experts made it clear: From capturing the data of a cloud-connected device, in the example, using the Amazon FreeRTOS software in conjunction with Infineon Optiga (photo Sendler), to the analysis of data of various origins and types in the cloud of Deutsche Bahn, through to the direct control of compressed air valves due to data analysis from the cloud - you had the impression that almost everything is now going up to the cloud.

Constantin Gonzalez, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, emphasized that AWS, like Siemens with MindSphere - also an important partner of AWS - assures industrial customers that the data stored or analyzed in the cloud is always owned by the customer and not visible to the platform provider. Apparently, the cloud-going industry is forcing a completely different business model from a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon than we've ever heard from Internet giants.

In any case, AWS, which has only been represented at the Hannover Fair in the third year, seems to have clearly arrived in German and European industry.

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