Trumps Success And The Digitalization


In recent decades, the IT revolution in the US has made the country a world champion of digitalization. But at the same time the industry was dismantled and squillion jobs were lost. Trumps success is the result. Do we learn from it? At the next stage of industrialization, all must be taken along.

Split Hardware Software(The graphic is taken from the new book "Industrie 4.0 grenzenlos")

The history of the industrial revolution has produced many differences in recent centuries. The first, after the middle of the eighteenth century, made England, France, and Germany the leading economic nations, and established their colonial rule in all parts of the world. With the second one hundred years ago, the US established itself as the leading power of the Western industries and thus established their pre-eminence in the world.

The third industrial revolution began with the economic use of the computer in the seventies. The industry location Germany used computers and digitalization with the programmable logic controller (PLC) and embedded software for the renewal of the manufacturing and process industries through automation, robotics and mechatronics. Thus, the share of industry in value added was maintained at almost 25%.

In the US, the computer (IBM), the software (Microsoft), the Internet and the data (Google, Amazon, Facebook) became the core of the economy. The well-known corporations conquered the world economy in a lightning war. But under radical dismantling of American industry. Millions of jobs in the steel and automotive industries were lost, and even in the electronics and high-tech industries, production was almost completely shifted to cheaper foreign countries. The American policy kept it as always: step aside and let the economy find its way. But this time too many were forgotten. The share of industry in value added fell to around 10%.

Trump now had the largest surprise success in Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Decades ago this was the region of a successful heavy industry. Today this northeast of the USA is called the "Rust Belt". While in the Silicon Valley and California, while in New York and on the east coast around Boston and Washington, the winners of digitalization had no problem with Hillary Clinton, the rest of the US is suspended. This may have ushered in the end of democracy in the US as we knew it.

And in Germany? Digitalization and the Internet are capturing the entire industry at great speed. Many are also outpaced here, whose previous qualification is not suitable for the future. Many companies will have to reorient or abandon themselves. It is very high time to think about how to prevent the affected people from being forgotten and outpaced. It is only the open debate, only comprehensible and effective measures against it, that can prevent the enraged citizens from gaining the upper hand. We only have one year left until the Bundestag election.

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