Wanted: Role models for the digital industry!


If it's up to some, Germany and its industry have long since been left behind in terms of digitalization and the Internet. Others act as if the digital transformation has already been completed by following their advice and using their software. What is missing are concrete examples of pioneers who are helping to make the industrial location Germany a model for the digital industry. The PLMportal / Die Digitalisierer is now launching a campaign to this end.

For more than 40 years, the computer has been a daily tool at almost every workplace, including in industry. Products and systems are designed and tested, their production is planned, their distribution is organized, and customer service is guaranteed - all of this on the screen. Terabytes of data accumulate, are stored and often managed and used sensibly. And yet this was only the beginning.

What exactly is missing? A few examples:

  • If central documents of a machine or product are still filed on paper and in folders, this information cannot be used digitally.
  • If the data from different stages of industrial value creation are not connected with each other, i.e. if there is no digital thread from the idea to the spare part, then the lever to derive benefits for the company from digital processes is missing.
  • If a product is developed digitally, but there is no digital twin to simulate and virtually test its functionality, then crucial elements of digitalization are missing.

The real robot handling a device in Gerätewerk Erlangen of SiemensThe digital twin of the robot at the same step(So, you can simulate and program the real robot with its digital twin. The pictures are from the Gerätewerk Erlangen of Siemens. (Photos Sendler))

Most companies will probably recognize themselves by one of these examples. Even in very well-organized companies, all areas are rarely equally well digitalized. Sometimes engineering is already very far along, but production has difficulty getting away from paper worksheets. Sometimes order processing is already in the cloud, but logistics and warehouse management don't keep up.

For the "Role Model Digital Industry" campaign, companies are being sought that are pioneers in their industry, either as a whole or in parts and sub-areas. Because nothing helps more than good role models.

Role model for the USA and China

However, the goal of the campaign goes beyond optimizing the digitalization process in the industry. After all, it is digitalization, digital connection, and know-how in digital processes in particular that will enable Germany and German-speaking Central Europe to score points for the future as an industrial location. Also, and especially in the USA and China.

As unfinished as the transformation process in the local industry is, as much as there is still to do - hardly anywhere else in the world are there so many companies that work digitally in such an exemplary manner as here. Only nobody knows about them because those who are so good don't talk about it. And when they do talk about it, it's all about the techniques or the technology itself, and the average citizen understands that just as little as the daily press or a television presenter. Bringing these hidden champions into the light is more necessary than ever. Not only in medium-sized businesses.

In addition to the companies that are considered role models for a digital industry, it is of course also possible to involve their partners, who have played and continue to play a decisive role in digitalization. The IT consultants, system integrators and manufacturers of software and services, without whom such exemplary digitalization would be unthinkable.

Anyone who has such a story to tell will now be offered something special: A dedicated website linked to PLMportal / Die Digitalisierer is going to highlight such role models. Highly professional, the site will focus precisely on those pages that make the difference to the masses and the competition. With text, with images and sound, in print and online - and in a way and language that even 'normal' media can understand and arouse curiosity. The role model comes into the conversation. This is the benefit for the company that is participating in this campaign. The costs depend on the scope of the individual project and are offered and invoiced as a lump sum.

All readers are hereby called upon to help with the search. The PLMportal / Die Digitalisierer will contact the companies immediately and submit a concrete offer and concept for an exclusive and absolutely company-specific project. All should see the role models. But for that they must show themselves.

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