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You cannot buy Industrie 4.0. Everyone has to develop that for himself!


The motto of this year's Munich Management Colloquium asked: "New business segments, new business models and new technologies - Do companies have to reinvent themselves?" The majority of the speakers answered with very concrete examples of the new invention.

Prof. Horst WildemannTo the Munich Management Colloquium on March 14 and 15, 2017, at the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Horst Wildemann (photo Sendler) was again able to win over 80 high-ranking industry managers as speakers. The occasion, sometimes likely described as a 'small Davos', gave the top industry representatives an opportunity to a high level exchange on the challenges they all face.

Dr. Heinrich HiesingerThe chairman of the board of ThyssenKrupp, Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger (photo Sendler), urged his colleagues not to emphasize just the disruptive nature of the upheaval, because this could rather frighten many people than to encourage them. For ThyssenKrupp, he issued the motto that each business area must have at least one pilot project for Industry 4.0 and one pilot project for the application of big data analytics. According to him, the result are not only very promising initiatives, but also a veritable break-up mood. Hierarchies were no longer working for today's innovations. And for connected systems correlation might be more important than the old engineering principle of cause and effect.

Prof. Hubert WaltlProf. Hubert Waltl (photo Sendler), member of the board of Audi, presented the connected, flexible factory for all types of drives. The assembly line and the conventional production line are replaced by production islands, which are supplied with material and tools by autonomous driving shelves. The fact that there is no time to lose, or even to wait for something, made his statement clear: "You cannot buy Industrie 4.0, everyone has to develop that for themselves!"

A successful event. Of course not everyone agreed on the same position. Some executives were so proud of the fact that they did not have to reinvent themselves, relying on their core competency and continuous development, like Prof. Heinz-Walter Große, Chairman of the Board of Management of the medical technology company B. Braun Melsungen or Dr. Holger Engelmann, CEO of Webasto SE.

Overall, a colloquium from top managers for top managers addressing the pressing issues. So you do not have to travel to Davos.

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