PLMportal / The Digitalizers

The PLM portal has been online since the beginning of 2012. Up to now, it was primarily a portal for news, background information and research articles on the subject of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). For quite a long time, PLM was considered a superordinate umbrella topic for technical IT, for the digitalization of industrial value-added processes, especially for digital product creation.

In recent years, the abbreviation PLM has been removed from company and product names, particularly by the major providers Dassault Systèmes, PTC, SAP and Siemens, while other brands and designations have come and are coming to the fore.

At the same time, cloud services, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming important drivers of innovation. Data of various types and origins are added to engineering product data: from production and logistics, supply chain and maintenance, operation and use of products and devices by customers and end users. Electronics and telecommunications are no longer only interesting for consumers such as smartphone users but playing an increasing role across all industries. All this is part of the picture when a company repositions itself in the Internet of Things and Services.

Data management systems, as previously used for technical data and documents, are also being used in areas such as medicine and biochemical research, insurance companies, telecommunications providers and other services. These new customer segments have nothing to do with production. That’s why they are not talking about PLM. And besides structured PLM data, a lot of data necessary for the Internet of Things and AI is floating in so called data lakes, completely unstrructrured.

The digitalization of industry is no longer just computer support of industrial processes, as it was for IT specialists in the past decades. The PLM portal takes this into account. And so the logo gets the addition "Die Digitalisierer” (The Digitalizers).


The digital transformation of industry affects all phases of value creation and the entire life cycle of products and production. Everything that can be of interest in this respect to IT managers, researchers, management, providers and users of tools and methods is material for this portal.

Artificial Intelligence

After e-commerce and consumers, industry is also beginning to use artificial intelligence to improve its processes and to achieve a new level of automation. Based on autonomous driving, the vision of the autonomous factory is making the rounds. The portal deals with the challenges of industrial AI to companies and institutes and the opportunities and risks of the technology. At the same time, it addresses issues of data sovereignty and ownership, ethics and security.

Internet of Things / I 4.0

The products of the digital factory, as defined by the Industry 4.0 initiative, will be connected systems in the future, which will also form the basis for new types of services, for example via apps. This is where a completely new world of industrial products and services is being created in which this portal is interested.

News, Background, Research

For the topics described, the portal offers current news and background information that is not easily found. Since the start of the portal, I have contributed the biggest part of this content myself. For research on these topics, the portal offers a special number of the German National Library (DNB) for scientific publications. I would be very pleased if I could publish more third-party contributions in the future. Especially if the numerous research institutions again occasionally use this address for their publications, as far as they are relevant to the readership in industry and industry-related research.

Ulrich Sendler, Munich, April 7, 2020