Present yourself as a provider

In order to present yourself as an IT or service provider in the world of PLM, the PLMportal offers three ways. Here the differences are described. Click on a sample profile to see how you can be presented on the Portal.

Profile Basic

The Profile Basic suites to companies active in the area of PLM which want to show this with little efford.

750 Euro per 12 months

The Profile Basic offers this:

Pictures 2
Strategy 300 characters
Markets 300 characters
Customers 300 characters
per Product 300 characters

Profile Standard

The Profile Standard offers the possibility to include a Video. It allows an enhanced presentation within each category.

1.250 Euro per 12 months

The Profile Standard offers this:

Pictures 3
Videos 1
Strategy 500 characters
Markets 500 characters
Customers 500 characters
per Product 500 characters

Profile Plus

The Profile Plus offers the biggest potential to present yourself as provider. No limits to characters and nice multimedia gallery.

1.750 Euro per 12 months

The Profile Plus offers this:

Pictures no limit
Videos no limit
Strategy no limit
Markets no limit
Customers no limit
per Product no limit